Mercoid Pressure Switch

The original method of sensing system pressure was with the use of a mercury-tilt bulb, connected to a bourdon tube. Mercoid manufactured these for years.

Today, the use of mercury is no longer permitted; in fact, it cannot be shipped via air any longer.

Because of that, Mercoid has updated their devices to utilize a different method of electrical switching.

We frequently use these new “Snap Action” style switches on our legacy controllers.

P/N: PS-1014 0-300 PSI


Today’s technology utilizes transducers to sense system pressure in sensing lines.

Firetrol uses them in both main fire pump controllers and jockey pump controllers.

Rosemont offers transducers for replacement situations.

P/N: TD-1107 0-300 PSI

P/N: TD-1108 0-600 PSI

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