Pressure Gauges

It is important to record readings accurately when conducting your routine churn test. Code requires the logging of suction and discharge pressure every time you run your test.

Frequently we discover gauges to be broken, missing, or not close at all to what the real pressures are.

With that in mind, Rosemont Engineering offers liquid-filled gauges that can significantly improve your productivity. Larger in size, they are easy to read when located near the floor, while you’re leaning over piping!

While your annual testing company must use UL/FM approved calibrated gauges during your annual flow test, these gauges will assist you throughout the rest of the year.


  • 4 inch, easy to ready face
  • Stainless steel case construction
  • ¼ inch NPT Brass Connection
  • Glycerine Filled

Suction Pressure:

  • P/N RMT-COL-PG-100 30 inch Hg Vacuum to 100 PSI
  • P/N RMT-COL-PG-160 30 inch Hg Vacuum to 160 PSI

Discharge Pressure:

  • P/N RMT-COL-PG-300 0 to 300 PSI

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